The UAE has emerged as one of the leading destinations for the international financial industry. Its market-friendly policies, growth prospects and world-class infrastructure is attracting leading global financial institutions. Local financial institutions are also diversifying into new financial verticals. During the last decade, consumer finance, wealth management and investments activities have grown exponentially in the UAE.

Media spend is growing at a rapid pace as UAE establishes itself as preferred destination for conferences, exhibitions, product launches, film premieres and tourism. Expanding financial industry coupled with increasing media spend is creating demand for innovative products and services in the form of news, information, knowledge management, data and research through print and digital channels.

  • Vision: To excel in providing insightful and actionable business/ financial news, reviews and opinion.
  • Objective: Wealth Monitor aims to be much more than a printed product. Our objective is to bridge the regional business and financial industry with its users and give a contextual analysis to latest business and financial trends.

Wealth Monitor is a market-driven monthly business magazine and real-time web portal providing impartial and transparent insight to the readers on current business issues, money matters, personal finance and wealth management, through quality and engaging editorial.

The world of finance is a complex one and the plethora of products, concepts and options available makes this industry even more challenging to comprehend. Wealth Monitor aims to demystify this world and present to its readers hot, topical, issue-based articles aimed at the broader interests of its readers and to enable them to make right decisions when it comes to wealth management, money matters and choosing any financial product or investment option.

Our motto “Get Your Money’s Worth” places a great responsibility on us towards our readers as we endeavour to become voice of the investors and consumers of financial services. Our goal is to play a consistently important role in shaping the future of the regional financial industry and peoples’ lives by offering a platform to bridge the financial services /end user divide for better interaction and understanding.